201Amittai Megged – has an MFT, and is founder and director of the Megged School. He is a social worker by training, a certified family therapist and instructor and also practices therapeutic (healing) storytelling. Mr. Megged was a lifelong student of the late Amnon Ben-Zvi and some of the pioneers of family therapy in the United States and Israel, such as: Ivan Boszormenyi-Nagy, Harry Aponte, Dr. Susanna Bullrich, Dr. Daniel Gottlieb, Judith Grinbaum and Dr. David Schnarch..
Mr. Megged is a lecturer, facilitator and senior instructor at the School of Social Work, the Drama Therapy Studies Program, the Family Therapist Training Program at the Tel Hai College, and at the Bereshit Center Family Therapist Training Program. He is author of the books, Fairies and Witches (Feyot u’Mechashefot), on the use of metaphorical stories in treating at-risk children, We Do Choose our Families (Mishpacha Ken Bochrim), on choosing the “soul” of our families, and Dharma Therapy, on psychotherapy with a purpose. Mr. Megged also developed the Fairies and Witches card series.
Mr. Megged integrates techniques from ancient traditions (shamanism and storytelling) in his therapeutic work together with contemporary techniques (The Crucible Approach, Ericksonian and narrative therapy, the Milan Systems approach, and Family Constellations are just a few examples).