201Amittai Megged (MFT)

is the head of the training program for family and couples therapy at the Tel Hai academic college. He is the founder and director of the Megged School for Differentiation and Worthiness based Psychotherapy. Social worker by training, and a certified family therapist and instructor. Mr Megged is appointed by Israeli courts as an expert in PA.

Mr. Megged studied family therapy with Ivan Boszormenyi-Nagy, Harry Aponte, Dr. Susanna Bullrich, Dr. Daniel Gottlieb, Judith Grinbaum and Dr. David Schnar

He is author of the 5 books; the last two are "Differentiation Based Couple Therapy" and "Being Worthy".

Shuly Megged (MSW) 

Social Worker and Family Counselor. The head of the Contact center in Nahariya Israel. Shuly Treats families in extreme neglect, at their homes, in projects in northern Israel. She is court appointed as an expert in Parental Alienation and works in co therapy with PA with Amittai Megged. A certified parent coordinator.  A student of David Schnarch